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About ASKQ. 

For the past five years, our business has empowered whanau by simplifying technology. At the heart of our passion is the belief that technology, when understood and harnessed, benefits everyone.

Right from our inception, we launched #askqLIVE – a live show streamed on Facebook, aimed at sharing our tech passion with a broader audience. This wasn't just a platform for us to connect; it was a stage where we refined our skills in content sharing, teaching, and basic production. Nearly 200 episodes later, we've grown both in experience and audience engagement.

In recent times, we've observed an increasing demand among our clients to host their own online events or shows. The COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly a catalyst, driving the need for virtual connections. But even as lockdowns are a thing of the past, the demand for hosting and streaming live events – be it offline, online, or hybrid – remains strong.

Whether you're planning a birthday celebration, wedding, funeral, intimate conference, or hui, we're here to assist. At #askqmedia, we bring ideas to life. Let's discuss how we can support your upcoming event, providing expert advice and ensuring a memorable experience for your audience.

Our Team.

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