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All On The Table - Podcast Series

Client: OMG Tech
Project Scope:
Project Scope: Full Service Video Production, Brand Development, Online Distribution via Spotify and Marketing Campaign Development. 

In our collaboration with OMG Tech, we embarked on an extensive project that spanned across full-service video production, brand development, and an innovative online distribution strategy, complemented by a strategic marketing campaign. Within a six-month timeframe, our team produced four compelling videos and executed a live broadcast on Facebook, designed to engage viewers in a critical conversation about the future of education and the role of hybrid learning. This effort demonstrated our comprehensive capabilities in producing and distributing engaging content, as well as our skill in fostering interactive discussions on digital platforms.


The project successfully captured the attention of a broad audience and sparked meaningful dialogue, showcasing our ability to connect with viewers and promote significant educational discourse through social media and other online channels. Our targeted campaign effectively brought the evolving landscape of education to the forefront, highlighting the importance of adaptive learning strategies. Partnering with OMG Tech, we not only met our client's goals but also contributed to an essential conversation about educational innovation, underscoring our dedication to impactful projects that resonate with contemporary societal themes.

All On The Table - Podcast Series

All On The Table - Podcast Series

On The Set Of All On The Table:

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