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Livestreaming - Waters Funerals

Client: Waters Funerals

Project Scope: Livestream Production, AV and Technical Assistance, Video Slideshow Production and Graphic Design

In our partnership with Water Funerals we offer professional livestream and video production services to help families honor and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Our team plans and runs livestream productions of funerals using hardware onsite and remote setups with our own equipment at the second site, and we can even run productions from burial grounds.

In addition, we assist Waters Funerals customers with developing slideshows and provide technical assistance with the running and management of AV hardware for the site and events. Our team also advises on livestreaming hardware installed on-site and implements upgrades to ensure smooth funeral services for customers.

We truly appreciate the work we do with Waters Funerals to ensure all families get the best service possible as they celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

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