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Staff Induction Video - Hoist Introduction

Client: Pacific Homecare
Project Scope: Full Video Production, Research and Graphics

In this project, we helped Pacific Homecare create an internal induction film to serve as a training aid for staff members. This company has a sizable workforce and regularly conducted various forms of training to support its employees. We collaborated with them to create a support video that will be used in induction training sessions with new and existing staff to make it easier to convey this information. Long-term time savings will result from capturing this information and putting it in an accessible and understandable video.


To make sure we didn't leave anything out as we put together this instructional material, we performed quite a bit of research during this project on their internal processes, health and safety processes, the hardware/tools, and how their tools operate. In the end, we were able to condense the information that would often take an hour or longer to present into a 13-minute video.

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